4D Components & Goodies

BB find

BBFind is a replacement for the 4th Dimension Query Editor

"The Ultimate Query Experience for 4th Dimension"


PrintTwist is a command level PrintList™ Pro Competitor. With a few basic modifications, PrintTwist runs your existing PLP Code. PrintTwist can also run in "Wrapper Mode": as a complete wrapper around PLP code.

PrintTwist is a fully open-source 4D Component.

LogTools application

LogTools© is a stand-alone application that allows you to browse and query 4D Log files. If you are using 4D Backup and running a log file, you NEED LogTools. Do you ever wonder:

  • Who deleted that record?
  • How often is my system flushing buffers?
  • How many times, and when are my records being saved?
  • What activity is being cancelled in transactions?

LogTools tells you all this and much much more.


BBBase is a free component that does lots of heavy lifting so you don't have to.



DisplayList4D is a DisplayList™ (by Automated Solutions Group) replacement for 4D 2004, based on 4D's ListBoxes.