4th Dimension Components



DisplayList4D is a DisplayList™ replacement that uses the ListBoxes to display arrays.

DisplayList4D closely mimics the command set and functionality of DisplayList.
(DisplayList™ is owned by Automated Solutions Group)

DisplayList4D is minimally documented. Some of the differences between DisplayList and DisplayList4D are documented in the release notes; that's about it.



  • Fully open source code: You can see how it's done, and modify it if you like
  • Command Level replacement of DisplayList Code: Just add "4D" to the end of most DisplayList commands, and your code is ready
  • Work on Mac & PC


$$ Cost $$

If you use it and you like it, send an email to TonyRing@BBSP.com, and I'll send you a PayPal invoice for $99.00



DisplayList v5.0.4 for 4D v15+ SourceCode (source is in v12, but is forward compatible)  
DisplayList v4.0.5 for 4D V12    
DisplayList v4.0.5 for 4D V11    
DisplayList4D 2.3.3 for 4D 2004    

Demo Database: Shows examples of DisplayList4D, BBFind & PrintTwist

Demo Database (in V12)

Documentation (rtf)