4th Dimension Components


PrintTwist is a command level PrintList™ Pro Competitor. With a few basic modifications, PrintTwist runs your existing PLP Code. PrintTwist can also run in "Wrapper Mode": as a complete wrapper around PLP code.

"Printing, with a Twist"

  • Compatible with 4D 6.8.1 through 2004.2 (you can even use pointers to local arrays in 2004.1+)
  • Fully open source code: You can see how it's done, and modify it if you like
  • Command Level replacement of PLP Code: Just change PL_ to PT_ for all configuration commands (Minimal additional programming required)
  • PrintTwist emulates the output of PrintList™ Pro EXTREMEMLY closely. Holding up the two outputs side by side, you will have a difficult time distinguishing any differences.
  • PrintTwist can run in one of two modes. You can easily switch between these modes:
    • as an autonomous 4D component: PrintList™ Pro is not required to run PrintTwist
    • as a wrapper around PrintList™ Pro. Using this method, you can choose to run the same reports in PLP or in PrintTwist depending on your needs. This is ideal for if you only own PLP for one platform, and you want to use PrintTwist on an alternate platform.
  • Supports ALL PrintList™ Pro features except:
    • Printing Pictures
    • Programmatic configuration of divider colors or patterns (divider colors and patterns can be customized using the 4D forms)
    • Printing a "Subset" of array elements. This feature in PLP is primarily to work around the 32K Row limit, which does not exist in PrintTwist.
  • PrintTwist contains a number of commands that enhance the basic PLP command set, such as...
    • Ability to get a page count for your report before printing
    • Mix Array and Fields in the same report
    • Compatability with local arrays in 4D 2004.1+
    • Additional break calculations
  • Demo Database and Documentation included

Note: If you want to use the "Auto-column width" feature, then you must have one of the following pluggins: (either one will do)
- DC Text2Array (by DataCraft: no-hassle license available)
- US Count Lines: Part of Foundation Extras. If your application uses Foundation, than you can use this.

PrintTwist requires 4th Dimension, version 6.8.1 or above