4th Dimension Components


PrintTwist is a command level PrintList™ Pro Competitor. With a few basic modifications, PrintTwist runs your existing PLP Code. PrintTwist can also run in "Wrapper Mode": as a complete wrapper around PLP code.

"Printing, with a Twist"

PrintTwist is sold and licensed as follows:

  • $199.00 for installation into one database, on one copy of stand-alone 4D or 4D Server
  • $499.00 for a 1 year unlimited deployments by one developer.
    • This means that for one year, you can put PrintTwist into as many databases for which you are the primary developer.
    • Once installed in a database, that database may use the installed PrintTwist version for the life of the database.
    • After one year from date of purchase, the developer may not install PrintTwist into any additional databases unless they purchase additional licensing.

Minnesota sales add 6.5%

Refund Policy

Pricing and licensing scheme subject to change at any time without notice.
Business Brothers Inc. and its employees and officers are in no way liable for any damages resulting from the use of this product.
PrintTwist is sold on an “As Is” basis with only limited, basic support.