4th Dimension Components


BBFind is a replacement for the 4th Dimension Query Editor

"The Ultimate Query Experience for 4th Dimension"

  • Much easier to use than the 4D Query Editor
  • Query on the current table and related tables (Many to One, One to Many & Many to Many)
  • Relational queries are optimized for speed, often work many times faster than native 4D.
  • Easy to enter various types of comparisons (Begins With, Greater than, Less than, etc.)
  • Easy to do “Multi-Value” queries (query for multiple values on the same field at once)
  • Easy to do “Range” searches (query A to Z, 1 to 100, etc)
  • Various “Keywords” for date fields allow the user to save meaningful date-relative queries for repeated use
  • Able to Save and Reload queries (saves directly to 4D Datafile for easier query sharing)
  • Drop down list of all recent queries
  • Supplies hints to assist the user in building their query
  • Almost every feature can be done from either keyboard or mouse
  • Database relationships can be dynamically configured
  • Support for developer created "Virtual Structure" (fields that don't really exist)
  • Support for Subtables